Government Relations

We have a full-time, on-site presence and a record of success over many years in Springfield, but we are much more than a Springfield-focused firm. As former legislative and executive branch staffers, elected officials, business executives and campaign leaders, we have worked with policy makers at all levels and in all branches of government. We have long-standing relationships and significant capabilities at the federal, state, and local levels.

Our firm has unique credibility with many legislators and other policy makers because in each election cycle they see us actively promoting – as political operatives, fundraisers, and leaders of civic groups – overarching policy priorities we share with them. This activism goes well beyond what is typical and makes our network of contacts one of a kind. Our firm’s reach extends far beyond government circles to both business and civic leadership communities in Illinois and Washington, D.C.

As a result of our decades of experience in and around government, we can offer our clients unparalleled insights and help in navigating the intricacies of the policymaking process. We know what it takes to shepherd legislation and regulations through the process, from start to finish, or to defeat proposals unfavorable to our clients’ interests. We can marshal the necessary resources, relationships, and outreach services, at a moment’s notice if necessary, to support our advocacy. We know who to talk to, when to act, and how to connect the dots to get results.

We can connect clients with opportunities for government contracts and grants and help them through the often complicated process. We provide clients with the guidance they need to understand the political landscape, avoid ethical landmines, and identify partners that will strengthen their team and maximize opportunities.

Client Quotes

“Conlon & Dunn Public Strategies was an excellent partner in helping Susan G. Komen for the Cure and other breast cancer organizations pass the groundbreaking Reducing Breast Cancer Disparities Act of 2008 in a very difficult state legislative climate. This law is still helping women across Illinois – where Susan G. Komen was born – access much needed breast cancer screening and treatment, and I am still very grateful for the guidance that Kevin and Chris provided.”

–Sean Tenner
Vice President, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Chicagoland Affiliate