“We specialize in overcoming challenges that arise at the intersection of business, politics, and civic life. We are trusted as advisors because we understand the way our city and state works.”
- Chris Dunn, Principal


Government Affairs — Building client government relations programs at local, state, and federal levels

Working as a strategic partner with our clients, we help navigate a complex maze of regulatory issues, government relations, funding, and enterprise risks.  To assure that clients are well-represented and have ready access to elected leaders, Conlon & Dunn maintains a full-time presence in Springfield when the General Assembly is in session.

Political Environment Monitoring & Response — Vigilant scanning and management of the political environment to support business initiatives

We ensure that our clients have timely knowledge of legislative, policy, and political issues and trends that affect their businesses and service delivery. We help clients develop proactive as well as responsive strategies to promote the best possible outcomes.

Positioning & Profile-Raising — Creating innovative opportunities to showcase client strengths

We support the development of client relationships across multiple sectors that will help them expand their influence. We help clients convene and engage stakeholders and other thought leaders and create platforms that positively position their leaders and their organizations.

Issue Advocacy Campaigns — Elevating civic knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of key issues of importance to distinct constituencies

By bringing a campaign-style approach to advocacy, we help clients focus on a goal, mobilize support through multiple modalities, and bring their initiative to a positive close.


Marketing — Supporting clients to assess market opportunity and launch their branded initiatives

We help create and test innovative ways to showcase new products and initiatives.

Investor Relations & Access to Capital — Providing access to both private and public sources of business and philanthropic investment

We introduce businesses and nonprofits to opportunities for funding and help them define and pursue a well-paced, strategic approach to sustainability and growth.

Board Development — Bringing diverse, talented individuals to organizations to enhance organizational strength and impact

With public affairs experience accumulated over two decades, Conlon & Dunn has built a broad network of talented individuals who can bring new energy, leadership, and expertise to boards of directors. We help clients create their board development strategies and pursue the right board composition to help them achieve their aims.

Public Sector Procurement — Guiding businesses to achieve a winning procurement strategy

We facilitate all aspects of the procurement process — building advantageous relationships, framing responses to RFPs, engaging the right partners, obtaining minority and women-owned business certifications and partners, and negotiating regulatory barriers.


Business Development, Organizational & Strategic Planning — Providing guidance to help clients achieve financial and organizational goals. 

Conlon & Dunn works with clients who operate in multiple policy areas and business sectors to help assess the landscape and develop winning strategies. We help leaders stay politically informed and “see around corners” as they assess the policy, regulatory, funding, and philanthropic environments surrounding their work.

Program Planning — Supporting individuals and teams as they evaluate growth strategies and plan implementation

We specialize in evaluating and responding to programmatic opportunities, helping to germinate ideas into sustainable, scalable, and fundable business plans. We also offer broad support to clients seeking philanthropic and public funding opportunities to launch or expand promising, well-planned initiatives.

Grant Application Support — Offering strategic guidance and application support to secure sustainable external funding

We help clients identify and prioritize prospective funders, define a successful grants strategy, and develop compelling applications.

Coaching & Advising — Supporting professionals to increase their impact within their teams, organizations, and communities 

As clients move into new roles or want to expand the scope and depth of their influence, we provide an expert framework for growth, bringing both subject matter expertise and leadership development skills to customized one-on-one sessions.