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"Thank you Conlon & Dunn for joining me on the front lines in Springfield for over a decade to preserve and expand Golden Apple's future."

- Dominic Belmonte

"When I moved to Illinois to become Gateway's CEO, I was wisely advised to engage Conlon & Dunn to help build the relationships needed to achieve the challenging agenda in front of me. When we later encountered a rate-related problem in Springfield, the first call I made was to Conlon & Dunn. It proved to be a very good call."

- Tom Britten, PhD, CEO, Gateway Foundation

"Conlon & Dunn has been our trusted partner for several years as we have sought procurement opportunities in Chicago. I quickly learned from them that responding to an RFP is an art and can attest that no firm does this with more imagination and attention to detail than Conlon & Dunn."

- Jane Prosch-Jensen, Conduit